Assessment Suggestions:

  1. Booktube inspired book vlog: Create a book vlog with several Russian children’s novels inspired by Russian booktube. Videos can contain the historical context of the books, why there were relevant/ popular within a given era, and other cultural aspects. Physical copies can be presented in the video, and can include popular edits like reading a specific section aloud.
  2. Presentation: Using a popular foreign book/ series (such as Harry Potter) create a presentation about its dissemination into Russian culture, focusing on how certain aspects or names are translated, differences between popular translations, and how physical copies of the book are marketed differently to a Russian audience. This could also include the spread of the book’s influence on the Russian internet.
  3. Essay: Choose two Russian children’s novels- one from the Soviet period, and a more modern novel. Write an essay either comparing the cultural references in the novel within historical context, or the difference in how the books were distributed/ marketed/ published within their respective time period.
  4. Lecture: Record a lecture discussing the physical importance of books throughout history. This could mainly focus on the generational/ social impact of books as material objects within Russian culture. This could include topics such as how books are presented within the home throughout history, how some traditions such as reading aloud to children or in/during gatherings and celebrations.


Module Suggestions

  • The addition of a resource page for the module, in the form of a specific reading list, or a gathered list of relevant works for each theme discussed in the module
  • Less focus on direct translations of text
  • The focus can be more varied on various medium forms like illustrations, cartoons and films which are also a part of the narrative.