Sarah, Olivia, Rosalind and Emma – NVivo file with interviews

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Natalie – Resources for the Russian Publishing Industry

Negotiating Collaborations: BookTubers, The Publishing Industry, and YouTube’s Ecosystem –

Publishing and the Book Trade in the Post-Stalin Era: A Case-Study of the Commodification of Culture by Stephen Lovell

Dickens in Post-Soviet Russia by Tatiana Boborkina –

Literary World Overwhelmed by 600 Books Published on One Day by Alex Clark -

Russian Book Market Was Down 20 Percent in 2020 by Eugene Gerden –


Isobel- Resources for Booktube channels and BookTok articles: 


Tian- Resources for Transmediality of Children’s books

Обзор журнала “Весёлые картинки”

Official website of The Adventure of Tintin. Including all covers of albums and resources of documentaries and novels

Website for tintinologists